The METASTROKE initiative is a collaborative meta-analysis of ischaemic stroke GWAS data. The initial meta-analysis has now been conducted and replication of findings is in progress. METASTROKE has now begun to exceed its defined parameters of a simple meta-analysis as more and more groups have more and more data available to contribute to collaborative projects. The availability of in silico data, either raw genotypes or summary statistics, also allows specific projects to be conducted on that data. These range from simple 'look-ups' of variants of interest to proposals to investigate large scale weighted risk scores in entire data-sets. In order to manage and allow access to the METASTROKE data, both from members of the ISGC and from outside parties, a Management Committee has been established which holds monthly teleconferences where project proposals can be discussed. Further details are available on the METASTROKE agreement and blank project proposal form below. Minutes of these teleconferences are also available below for information.

Although the initial METASTROKE analysis is now in the replication phase, there is still the possibility of including additional samples in this replication from large, well phenotyped cohorts of ischaemic stroke cases. If you feel you have such a cohort of over 500 cases and would like to take part in METASTROKE replication then please contact Dr Martin Dichgans ( for further information.


METASTROKE documents

Should you wish to submit a project proposal to METASTROKE please first read and agree to the METASTROKE agreement document below. Then complete the METASTROKE blank project proposal form and send it to Dr Martin Dichgans ( who will schedule it for discussion at the next teleconference. These are usually held monthly, but submissions less than 2 weeks prior to a call may be held over until the following teleconference to give all parties chance to read and comment on all proposals. To prevent duplication, a list of currently proposed and agreed projects using METASTROKE data are available below. METASTROKE also only usually allows one application from an individual PI at any one time to prevent unfair distribution of projects. However, as most projects are collaborative in nature and can have multiple individuals involved in them this rule may be relaxed at the discretion of the Management Committee, whose decision is final.

METASTROKE agreement document

METASTROKE blank project proposal form


Agreed Projects Using METASTROKE data

Projects approved July 2015

Causes and consequences of genetic and genomic variation in genes involved in 1-carbon metabolism and risk of stroke - PI I Cotlarciuc



Projects approved May 2015

Individual patient data meta-analysis on PCSK9 as a target for the prevention of cardiovascular events - PI AF Schmidt

Boosting the power of stroke GWAS using novel statistical tools leveraging annotation and pleiotropy - PI O Andreassen

Testing novel approaches for assessing functional enrichment at GWAS SNPs  - PI N Soranzo

Investigation of the association of newly identified blood pressure variants with stroke - PI J Howson


Projects approved April 2015

Impact of PCSK9 genetic variants on vascular risk - PI Jemma Hopewell


Projects approved March 2015

Genomewide association analysis of self-reported blood clots in 6,135 subjects identified new loci associated with venous thrombomodulin - PI M Sabater Lleal

Systematic two sample Mendelian randomisation study of the causal relevance of telomere length for risk of major chronic diseases - PI P Haycock

The association between polygenic risk for ischaemic stroke, depression diagnosos, age of onset and quantitative measures of depressive symptoms - PI A McIntosh

Sex differences in the causal relationship between adiposity measures, glycaemic traits, diabetes and stroke - PI S Peters


Projects approved January 2015

Vitamin D and major disease outcomes: Causal inference by Mendelain randomisation - PI Stephen Kaptoge

Investigation of the causal association between iron homeostasis and CVD - PI Anna Ramond

Shared heritability of cerebral small vessel disease phenotypes using genome-wide summary statistics - PI Chris Anderson

Atrial fibrillation genetic risk and ischaemic stroke - PI Steven Lubitz

Genetic analysis of seven vascular-related biomarkers and shared susceptibility with ischaemic stroke in the VISP trial - PI Stephen Williams

Genome wide association study of MRI defined brian infarcts - PI Ganesh Chauhan


Projects approved October 2014

Human validation of genes associated with a murine atherosclerotic phenotype - PI G Pasterkamp

Exome sequencing in CE stroke - update to include 1KG data (first proposed with exome data in Noember 2013) - PI Israel Fernandez


Projects approved Spetember 2014

Genetic predictors of testosterone and cardiovascualr disease outcomes - PI Stephen Burgess


Projects approved July 2014

The STARNET-IS (STARNET and Ischaemic Stroke) Study - PI Johan Bjorkegren


Projects approved June 2014

Age-at-onset Informed Analysis in Ischaemic Stroke - PI Matthew Traylor


Projects approved April 2014

Genome-wide Association Study of MRI-defined brain infarcts - PI Ganesh Chauhan


Projects approved March 2014

GWAS of early-onset ischaemic stroke: a meta-analysis of Caucasians, South Asians and African Americans - PI Yu-Ching Cheng

Is a genetic risk score associated with MI and large artery stroke? - PI Daniel Freitag CLOSED


Projects approved November 2013

BRIANSTORM - a cross-disorder analysis of common variation in neurological and psychiatric diseases - PI Martin Dichgans

Exome sequencing in cardioembolic strokes - PI Israel Fernandez-Cadenas


Projects approved October 2013

BP SNPs from GWAS in Stroke - PI Patricia Munroe


Project Updates October 2013 - MMP replication, Shared heritability between stroke subtypes


Projects Approved June 2013

A Mendelian Randomisation Analysis of Cystatin C and Cardiovascular Disease - PI Folkert Asselbergs


Projects Approved May 2013

Atrial Fibrillation Genetic Risk and Ischaemic Stroke -  PI Steve Lubitz

Familial and General Migraine Related Genes and Ischaemic Stroke Risk - PI Andrea Harriott

Causal Effects of Vitamin D Binding Protein on Cardiovascular and Metabolic Outcomes: A Mendelian Randomisation Analysis - PI Brent Richards


Project Updates May 2013 - 1000 Genomes Imputation, Polygenic Analysis


Projects Approved April 2013

Look-up of Suggestive Loci for WMH Volume Derived from a GWAS in CADASIL patients - PI Christian Opherk on behalf of the CADASIL GWAS Consortium CLOSED - final report

The Association Between Polygenic Risk for Ischaemic Stroke & Cognitive Functions Lifetime Cognitive Change & Structural Brain Parameters in Older Age - PI Ian Deary


Projects Approved March 2013

Shared Heritability in Stroke Subtypes and Gender Using a Weighted Genetic Risk Score Approach - PI Owen Parsons CLOSED

Correlating Polygenic Scores From METASTROKE to Subclinical Phenotypes Related to Ischaemic Stroke in the Athero-Express Biobank Study - PI Paul deBakker

Novel Susceptibility Loci for Atrial Fibrillation - PI Patrick Ellinor CLOSED


Projects Approved February 2013

Replication of Stroke Loci Identified in African Americans from the COMPASS Study in METASTORKE - PI Cara Carty

Replication of MMP Region Identified in Age-At-Onset Informed analysis of WTCCC2 + Immunochip - PI Matthew Traylor

Genomewide Association Study of Ischaemic Stroke and Subtypes in Pakistan - PI Danish Salaheen


Projects Approved January 2013

Genetic Variants Associated with Plasma Homocysteine Levels and Their Effect on Stroke Risk - PI Ioana Cotlarciuc CLOSED


Projects Approved December 2012

Genetic Variants of Coagulation Factor IX in Ischaemic Stroke up to 70 Years of Age - PI Christina Jern CLOSED


Projects Approved October/November 2012

Frequentist and Bayesian Analysis of the Polygenic Architecture of Ischaemic Stroke - PI Liz Holliday CLOSED

The 1000 Genomes Imputation of METASTROKE cohorts - PI Liz Holliday on behalf of the ISGC Analysis Group

Shared Heritability Between Altered Coagulation/Fibrinolysis and Ischaemic Stroke and its Subtypes - PI Hugh Markus CLOSED

Replication of the Association Between a Low Expression Variant of FABP4 and Large Artery Stroke - PI Perttu Lindsberg CLOSED


Projects approved September 2012

The Contribution of Variants in Collagen IV Genes to Common Cerebrovascular Phenotypes - PI Cathie Sudlow CLOSED

The Role of Novel SNPs Associated With Metabolite Networks in Ischaemic Stroke - PI Paul de Bakker     CLOSED


Projects approved August 2012

Immunochip meta-analysis with METASTROKE - PI Steve Bevan CLOSED


Projects approved May 2012

The 6 month updates on these projects are incorporated into the November 2012 teleconference minutes


Replication of 2 SNPs Associated With Blood Pressure - PI Paul DeBakker CLOSED

Mendelian Randomisation Studies of Lipid and Gluco-metabolic Traits with Stroke and its Subtypes - PI Danish Salaheen

Exome Chip Initiative in LArge Artery Stroke (ECLAS) - PI Martin Dichgans


Projects approved March 2012

The 6 month update on this project is incorporated into the September 2012 teleconference minutes


White Matter Hyperintensity Burden and Risk of Stroke: A Genetic Score Analysis - PI Natalia Rost


Projects approved January 2012

6 month update on Jan 2012 approved projects - August 2012


17q25 as a Risk Factor in Ischaemic Stroke - PI Poneh Adib-Samii     CLOSED

Genetic Variation in Platelet Aggregation as a Risk Factor for Ischaemic Stroke - PI Nicole Dueker CLOSED

Gene-Centric Association Analysis in Ischaemic Stroke - PI Laura Kilarski     CLOSED


Projects approved December 2011

The 6 month update on these projects is incorporated into the June 2012 teleconference minutes


Do Genetic Risk Variants Associated with Renal and Retinal Microvascular Disease also Contribute to Stroke Risk? - PI Liz Holliday

Polymorphisms in the Thrombomodulin - Endothelial Cell Protein C Receptor System and the Risk of Cerebral Infarction - PI John Cole

Cross Replication of Susceptibility Loci for Migraine and Ischaemic Stroke and Meta Analysis - PI Martin Dichgans CLOSED


Projects approved September 2011

The 6 month update on these projects is incorporated into the May 2012 Teleconference minutes


Prognostic Modelling in Ischaemic Stroke - PI Paul de Bakker CLOSED

The EURoCLOT Study; Genetic Regulation of Hemostasis. Do Top Hits Replicate in Stroke? - PI Frances Williams     CLOSED

GWA Meta-Analysis of Carotid Plaque and Intima Media Thickness (IMT) - PI Pankaj Sharma     CLOSED

Immunochip Replication of METASTROKE Association Results for Ischaemic Stroke - PI Paul de Bakker     CLOSED


Projects approved August 2011

6 Month Update on August 2011 Projects - March 2012


Mitochondrial Respiratory Genetics in Ischaemic Stroke Incidence and Outcome - PI Christopher Anderson     CLOSED

Do Alzheimers Disease and Ischaemic Stroke Share Genetic Risk Factors - PI Steve Bevan CLOSED

Replication of Three new GWAS Identified Loci Associated with Ischaemic Stroke in the Italian CEDIR Cohort - PI Giorgio Boncoraglio     CLOSED

Genomewide Candidate Gene Associations of Ischaemic Stroke: the CARe and METASTROKE Project - PI Myriam Fornage     CLOSED


Projects approved July 2011

6 Month Update on July 2011 Projects - January 2012


Homocysteine and Stroke: Meta-Analysis of MTHFR Case-Control Studies Avoiding Publication Bias - PI Robert Clarke CLOSED

Cross Replication of Susceptibility Loci For Cerebrovascular and Cardiac Phenotypes and Meta-Analysis - PI Martin Dichgans CLOSED

Genetic Variants Related to LDL-Cholesterol and Risk of Vascular Disease - PI Jemma Hopewell

Generation of a Weighted Risk Score for Ischaemic Stroke - PI Rainer Malik CLOSED

Genomewide Pathway Analysis of Ischaemic Stroke - PI Matthew Traylor CLOSED

Analysis of METASTROKE Candidates in Minority Populations: A Project from the COMPASS consortium - PI Brad Worrall


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